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 World's finest and best shampoo, best conditioner, best face & best body wash - ever. Try it and never switch.

This new natural shampoo, new natural face & body wash smells so refreshing during use, with elegant, abundant luxurious foam.

Look and feel younger with instant remarkably noticeable results for all face, hair, and skin types every time you use it.

Best face, hair, skin ever. Click to buy now.

Try a new natural shampoo, try a new natural conditioner, try a new natural face and body wash - be amazed head to toe.

The finest bath or shower spa experience with remarkable and instantly noticeable results for face, skin and hair.

Look and feel years younger instantly. Watch this video to get the feeling (or read testimonials below):

Bathing forever changed. An affordably priced luxury everyone can use. Let the good times begin.

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Natural as can be, sulfate-free, paraben-free, an outstanding experience for all the senses from the scent to luxurious foam, with remarkable instant results for face, skin and hair.

Learn about the natural ingredients in these elegant formulas

Rediscover fine bathing for the amazingly wonderful experience and age-defying results. See introductory offers.

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Best shanpoo conditioner face wash ever. Try it!

Best shampoo, conditioner, face wash ever. Try it!

Better than the finest salon brands, better than any other anywhere at any price. Best.

What people say (after very first use):

"I've never seen a shampoo or body wash this natural produce so much beautiful billowing foam. Total luxury."

"ESSENTUALE Shampoo - LOVE IT! From the moment I open the bottle to the moment I rinsed it out. I feel like I am at a day spa. Pure hair YUM!"

"It makes my hair feel super light and fluffy yet super manageable. Love it, and I now use no afterproducts."

"I love, love, love the way it makes my shower smell, and my hair and skin is beautiful, soft, amazing"

"Truly world class in every respect, my hair never looked and felt so youthful, so soft, so beautiful"

"I ran out of mine last Thursday and have been depressed ever since!!! Please hurry with more!"

"My hair feels as if it's floating above my head, amazing and incredibly nice."

"Seriously, I can't stop running my own fingers through my hair!"

"Super nice Body Wash for face and skin, I feel fabulous all over."

"I use the Body Wash every morning as an anti-aging face lift! It works!!!

"The body wash, even on my sensitive skin, is a fantastic and refreshing face cleanser. Love it!"

"Showered this morning with the AMAZING Essentuale Bathing System! Like going to a Mandarin Oriental Spa! Hair and skin look and feel Greaaaaaaaaat!!!"

"I love love love the shampoo and my kids love the body wash as a bubble bath! AWESOME!!"

"OMG!! On my way out with girlfriends. Longer email later BUT just used shampoo and conditioner!!  My hair feels great and daughter couldn't believe how soft it is :)! I think u did it!!! Wow!!! Thank you!!!!!"

"Wow, it is the best shampoo, conditioner and body wash ever!"

"Absolutely delicious!"

"The shampoo and conditioner seem to repel dirt and grime. My hair stays cleaner, fresher, longer."

...and beauty experts agree

"Truly impressed with your product and vision. I believe your product speaks for itself as it enhances each individual's hair with condition, shine and manageability."

More raves coming in every day worldwide, it seems everyone is amazed. We're ecstatic and overjoyed, we did it!

Everything you ever dreamed or expected - and more.

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Our Story:

The world's finest and best shampoo, best conditioner, best face and best body wash is what we set out to create - and from what people all now say we did it!

Play the video above to get the feeling or the video below for more info.

The story of the best natural as can be bath products - ever:

We started with an exhaustive and extensive shampoo comparison. We tested, analyzed and scrutinized every shampoo there ever was and is, from least to most expensive. In the process we determined the best ingredients and separated those from the fads, trends, and ingredients of the year, and told an award winning world class formulator to make the best shampoo ever for all hair and skin types, at any cost. And make the shampoo products a best ever experience too.

Our formulator was thrilled not to have any budget, a formulator's dream come true. We were thrilled to see and try the best shampoo, best conditioner and best body wash.

Totally obsessed with being the very best, the ESSENTUALE 9056 world's finest shampoo, conditioner and body wash luxury 5 star+ spa quality bathing system was born - twice.

Best male/female fragrance (that disappears on rinse), best ingredients, best proportions, best experience, best process, best results for hair and skin, best feeling of clean - ever.

10+ years in development, we successfully crossed the best of natural as can be with the presentation expected of super high end to produce the best and finest shampoo, conditioner and body wash - ever - and plan other ultra high quality best of breed products soon to come.

What more could anyone want in a shampoo, conditioner and body wash (which is also a fabulous face wash)? (hint) That's the point.

The short story of the best shampoo, best conditioner, best body wash luxury Spa Set is we went totally overboard, obsessed with creating the finest and best 5-Star spa quality bath products - ever.

Not just better, fantastically, noticeably and remarkably fabulous - an incredible experience during with remarkable results after.

In 2001 when we first approached a world class formulator we said make ESSENTUALE shampoo, conditioner and body wash the finest and best - ever - at any cost - and we'll figure out what we might have to charge later.

We had a long and difficult list of what we considered to be best and finest, and had tried every other shampoo there was without being impressed.

It seemed others made shampoo formulas that were "ok", or had one or two things going for them, yet no one really tried to make the world's finest shampoo in every respect and aspect.

The original formulator was brilliant and created the very finest shampoo, conditioner and body wash formulas (and a moisturizer) he could - many, many times - keeping in mind all we cared about was world's finest and best at any cost.

We rejected formula after formula for over a year before we finally agreed the formulas for the shampoo, conditioner and body wash were truly finest and best - ever.

We smelled, we poured, we showered, we tested every tiny aspect, over and over - with relentless obsession to only approve the best there is or could be - ever.

We totally rejected the moisturizer since we did not feel it was the finest ever - and all we want is to produce the finest and best there can be. We're still planning a moisturizer yet only whenever we can make it, like all of our products, adventures and experiences, the finest and best there is.

In 2002 we did a pilot run of the shampoo, conditioner and body wash.

We felt we had achieved the best male/female fragrance (that disappears on rinse), using best and finest ingredients, best proportions to the 0.001%, best experience, best process, best results for hair and skin, best feeling of clean - ever.

We tested the shampoo, conditioner and body wash on over 300 people in the US and various countries with various water sources and all hair and skin types. Our only question, is it best and finest, ever?

Every person that tried the shampoo, conditioner and body wash agreed ESSENTUALE was the best and finest shampoo, best conditioner, and best body wash they had ever tried, ever, at any cost.

Meanwhile one of the most respected spa chains wanted to make ESSENTUALE the shampoo, conditioner and body wash of their spa locker rooms, so ESSENTUALE would be the fragrance of the spa which normally comes from the showers. We just didn't feel ready with our only goal and obsession being best and finest - ever.

We had tried and continued to try every other shampoo, conditioner and body wash and could not find one better, or even close. We truly believed ours was the finest and best - ever - and we ourselves could not use others - at any cost - some $70 and more, yet also all the drugstore brands as well.

We wanted to be sure as possible ours was truly best, of course according to our criteria for "best", yet our list was very lengthy, covering all we wanted as well as all the aspects we had ever heard of that anyone else desired or thought to be best - ever.

Throughout the years we sold the shampoo, conditioner and body wash, and had others test for us, and continued to get amazing feedback while trying to top the already best 2002 formulas in our own lab.

We also asked many other leading formulators to try as well, yet the formulas are so unique and difficult to make that all other leading formulators failed to be able to imitate the original "best", or even come close.

In 2012 we did it! With formulas based on the 2002 pilot run in our own lab and relentless attempts that took years, we made the world's finest formulas even better!

We increased the amazingly luxurious foam, made the formulas thicker and richer, replaced the small amounts of paraben preservatives with a natural alternative, made the products dispense very nicely, added safety seals on the larger sizes, and added the shining 9056 crown to the labels.

We ran the shampoo, conditioner and body wash at the same state of the art natural products vitamin factory as the pilot run in 2002, on May 3, 2012.

People all around the world and with all hair and skin types when now asked is ESSENTUALE the best shampoo, conditioner and body wash - ever - are all saying yes!!! (again, just as in 2002).

The manufacturing process is so rigorous and such a dramatic departure from the way all other shampoo, conditioner and body wash is made that everything related to how we make the ESSENTUALE formulas is kept as secret as Coca-Cola and under lock and key, with numerous security procedures.

In the end the price we needed to charge for the world's finest shampoo, conditioner and body wash was extremely reasonable for the incredible experience during and remarkably noticeable results - after very first use.

Click here to read the long story of the best and finest shampoo, conditioner and body wash that's an amazing age-defying face wash too.

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